Top 5 Best Android/ iOS Apps on Smartphone TO Buy Or Sale A Property

Top 5 Best Android/ iOS Apps on Smartphone TO Buy Or Sale A Property In 2015

Top 5 Best Android/ iOS Apps on Smartphone TO Buy Or Sale A Property Online In 2015

As all of us are aware with the concept of selling a property which Is a very traditional thing which now adopted by many businesses with the concept of globalization . Also now technology is a part of need without it we can not perform even a single transaction easily. So for this purpose we need to shake a hand with technology and that thing is already done by some companies to increase their revenue. We know that it is the world which can not be able to deal without the technology, Android has millions or say billions of app on their play store.

So, today I am going to tell you all that there are many app present on android market to buy or sell real estate or property

Top 5 Best Android/ iOS Apps on Smartphone TO Buy Or Sale A Property

Following Are The Top App To Buy Or Sale Real Estate (Property)

1. Sulekha

This is a most famous website for directory search at least in our country and that is India. Sulekha’s android  app is usually made for multipurpose and that is for directory listing like business listing, school and college listing, Also used for property listing too. This app is not especially designed for the purpose of selling or buying a property.

2.  Magic Bricks

Magic bricks is famous for property listing in some specific area, or region. The special thing which I liked about the app is that it provides filter according to our need like room, price. Also it provides the option to contact to owner or developer of a property.

3. Zillow

Zillow has a great collection of property like for U.S. they have a data for millions of homes, single family homes etc. Also it provides a great search by which you can search according to number of bedroom, bathroom and price etc.

4. Trulia

Trualia is also an excellent app to buy or sell property as it provides you the details of homes, shops of whose owners want to sell or to put them on rent. Also its speciality is that it has a Geometric Positioning System feature which allow you to search the property into your near by areas or the area whichever you want

5. India Property

This is also a great alternate option available to buy a property it gives us a quick view of available properties also it has a great feature that it provides a 3D view of a property which we have selected.

I hope that you will definitely take an advantage of this article and it will help you to increase your experience to find the property. So don’t forget to share this article. Have a great day and enjoy….

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