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How To Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature On Android Smartphone Without Root

How To Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature In Whatsapp On Your Smart Phone

All of us are much familiar with WhatsApp and its current features like text chat, broad casting and group chat also recently WhatsApp launched the web version of whatsapp. And as they have declared that they are going to launch calling feature on whatsapp calling feature through which we can call to those who are on whatsapp with us, that’s why everyone was waiting for the same. So today I am going to tell you a technique To Enable Voice Calling Feature On Android Smartphone Without Root.

How To Enable Voice Calling Feature On Android Smartphone Without Root

So users finally that moment is arrived for which you all are eagerly waiting for, Yes and that is Voice Calling feature on Whatsapp.

Actually calling feature on any app is not a new thing for all of us that is already implemented in Viber and Facebook app

also thier are many app present in market which provides the same facility but still whatsapp followers are expecting something different from whatsapp because all these calling feature app do not response good on slow connection like GPRS and 2G network.

Basically, Graphical User Interface for whatsapp calling is in number of forms, this means you do not need to click on any drawer to perform any call related function.

Main form is splits into 3 forms those are Calls, Chats and Contacts. So it’s GUI is different than the earlier version where it has single screen to carry out all the activities.

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 Call Log Facility

Like we can see whenever we call anyone our phone keeps a log history for these calls like how many calls we received,how many we missed, time date of calls etc. So like this facility we also have this facility in whatsapp which will keep track of calls activity.

 New Dashboard for Activities

Whatsapp has done some major changes on its look and feel like it has introduced new dashboard for activities like contact option is got shift from its current place. A new drop down is introduced on the top of right corner which comprises of Refresh, Status and Setting.

Requirements To Enable WhatsApp  Voice Calling Feature :

  1. Android Operating System with version 2.1 or higher version for installation and KitKat or higher version to enable WhatsApp calling feature.
  2. I-phone or I-O.S. here you can install a beta version of whatsapp that is

How To Enable Voice Calling Feature On Android Smartphone Without Root

Following are the steps to enable WhatsApp calling feature on your Phone :

  1. First of all you need to download latest version of WhatsApp
  2. Click on this link to Download Latest version of WhatsApp version
  3. How To Enable Voice Calling Feature On Android Smartphone Without Root
  4. After downloading you need to install this app and you are ready with WhatsApp calling feature but still you will not be able to make any call to do so follow the next step
  5. Now, You have to find one user who have this calling facility available on his phone
  6. Because, to get this feature you need to have a WhatsApp call from some other user as soon as you receive the call you will get this calling facility activated on your phone.

Hope you will enjoy WhatsApp Calling Feature On Your Smartphone, Don’t forget to share this article.

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