How to Increase RAM(Random Access Memory) In Android Phone

How to  Increase RAM(Random Access Memory) In Android Phone Technique For 2015

Hi Readers, We have touched  many useful topics like how to root android phone, How to remove shortcut viruses etc. Today we are going to make aware you about How To Increase RAM in Android Phone.

As all of us know that maximum people in the world are using smart phone with android operating system and maximum of them are facing the problem of low RAM because of which they can not install not even the number of apps which are required for day today use. Actually our phones hardware configuration really affects the performance of a system. So in such situation you can use my trick to increase RAM in android phone.

How Can I Increase RAM And How To Make Device Fast

Don’t worry readers I am going to reveal my secret to increase RAM after using this technique you can then install definitely more apps and you will really find that performance of your system is increased which will really make a smile on your face.

How To Increase RAM In Android Phone Without losing phones Other Feature

To increase RAM in Android Phone without losing its other properties, you need to simply follow the following instruction.  After following these instruction you will be able to increase your RAM up to 4 GB which will be more than your need as I think so.

Before we move to  a solution let me tell you one thing that this solution is tested but we will not be responsible to any harm to your phone or your files so be sure you have taken a backup of your system. We are going to use one app to increase the RAM which is available on Google Play Store it has 2 versions trial and premium you could prefer whichever you need.

Expand RAM In Smart Phone Using ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) App

How to  Increase RAM(Random Access Memory) In Android Phone

RAM Expander (SWAP) App – It is a one of the most effective app which let you allow to expand or boost your RAM. This app actually converts the part of your SD card memory which then can be used as a virtual memory to which we can simply say an expanded RAM.

Mostly this app gives its best performance in its premium version only. So before buying this app please be careful and check its compatibility with your phone otherwise it will be a completely wastage of your money.

Following are the Steps you Need To Follow while using this application :

  1. Install the application
  2. Now open it and select your language
  3. Now you have to create a SWAP by file by clicking on a Swap Active option and enable it after creating it.
  4. Now click on the grey box to activate the SWAP
  5. Congratulation, all the things which need to increase the RAM you are done with it, and you have successfully increased your phones RAM

I hope so that you will enjoy this article, So don’t forget to share this article we will be back soon with more helpful topic. So enjoy and have  a fun…

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  1. Hello Kalpesh!

    Nice Trick! But i would like to know, do we have to worry about any warrant void on installing these application? I read in some forum that you need to install such apps at your own risk, if something goes wrong, the company is not responsible.

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