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How To Write Your First WordPress Post


So friends, we are ready with our setup of wordpress And Now it is  time to move to write first      post in wordpress!

There are various ready plugins are available for wordpress in market, we will learn them slowly slowly as we  will move ahead.

I think we  don’t need to have a best knowledge of “wordpress to write a post”,

But still the perfect way to start is to jump right in.


How To Write First Post In WordPress

Step 1 : Select Add New Option

Select Add New from Posts Option on your dashboard, this is a visualization for this step To Write First Post In WordPress

How To Write First Post In WordPress

Step 2 : Enter The Title For The Post

As soon as you pressed Add New Post it will prompt you to enter the title for this post, So simply write a title name relevant to your post.

How To Write First Post In WordPress

In above picture we have shown which are the options available to edit or insert the data, There are several customization options are available like font, font type, underline, size etc.


Step 3 : Write The Description For The Article

Now start writing the post ,while writing keep in mind that your data should be relevant, post should be of minimum 400 characters,

How To Write First Post In WordPress

Try to explain the topic thoroughly and step by step dont show the cluttered look of a data, create a visualization of  steps that will help better understanding to the user.


Step 4 :  Images, Tagline And Links

how to write first wordpress post

Dont forget to add the images and relevant link which can more precisely describe the contents of article, Dont try to copy the images from any source because it will create a copyright issue and the article with such copied data will not hold a place in google anymore.

And as everybody know that organic traffic is always less than the traffic redirected by the google,  so it is always better to have a unique content to get a huge traffic and tremendous user.


Step 5 : Have A Look To An Article

Once you have finished writing the article then its a time to review an article for grammatical mistakes, highlighted keywords, size of an images, quality of an images, flow of an article we have to check it, these are various things which we should notice in this section, There are many more you can consider them.


Step 6 : Publish The Article

If we want our viewers to have a look of this article you can publish it immediately by selecting an option of publish button otherwise if want hold it and want to make changes later then you could use option of Draft

Step 7 : Congratulations! For Your First Post

As soon as you  will press the button publish you will get this confirmation that you have posted your article on your website and it is now ready for your users to have a look of it.

Step 8 : Other Available Options

Also you will have others many more options for customization and to promote your website

Discussion :

You could enable the comment box so the user can share their experiences and reviews which will make better sense to other users too, Also this will enable a blogger for any kinds of enhancement.

TrackBacks :

This is a very useful tool which allows you to to connect to other non-wordpress blog, You just have to put the relevant link into this box, The Blog owner will automatically get notified that you have connected with him. Its a job of wordpress to notify the Blogger.


Congratulations!!! You have succcessfully written and published your post, Above given steps are enough To Write Your First WordPress Post

In Upcoming post we will see how to do the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for the same Post.