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How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 8 After Shift Delete

How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 8 After Deleting With Shift Delete Key

Hello friends, Want to Recover your deleted data from hard drive?? Then, Today we are going to see How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 8 After Shift Delete, Yes because sometime it happens that we are in hurry or disturbed and while working we delete the data which was very important and confidential with shift delete key and now we don’t have any idea to recover it, such situation leads to frustration.  But, now don’t worry because our today’s article will tell you a simple way to To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 8 After Shift Delete.

How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 8 After Shift Delete cloudforsk

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Following Are The Simple Steps To Recover Deleted Files In Windows With EASEUS Recovery Tool

EASEUS Recovery Tool – It is a recovery tool provided by to recover your deleted data from hard drive.

  1. First step you need to take is, Go to this link
  2. This link will allow you to download this tool for free, you don’t need to pay a single penny to them, because it is available on their website for free
  3. Click on Download option, There are 2 options available for download one is for windows ans another is for MAC
  4. If you are using MAC then it is necessary to download MAC version only because it is not going to work with windows version on MAC
  5. Now download it, It will directly provides executable file to download
  6. And install it, After installation completes open it
  7. It looks something like shown in picture which asks us for what type of recovery you want
  8. So it can be of any type like image, video, Document, Audio, Mail, Etc.
  9. Just select the option for recovery let us consider image
  10. Next step is to select a file with its path from file chooserHow To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 8 After Shift Delete cloudforsk
  11. Now just click on recover button and you are done it will ask you to save your file to particular directory from where you can recover the file

Note : Picture credit –

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Hope you have understood How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows 8 After Shift Delete and will not face any problem while recovering your files still if you find any difficulty feel free to comment we will get back you very soon.


How To Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software On Mobile/Computer

How To Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software or Java Plugin With Direct Download

Usually we can see the list of videos on youtube and can play them but if we try to download these videos, I found that many of us don’t know how to download youtube videos, because this facility is not provided by Google(youtube). But you guys don’t have to worry because I am going to tell you a shortcut technique to how to download youtube videos. Many of us use Keepvid  to download youtube videos but it asks for java plugin which really irritates.

How To Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software


So you guys can see this is the video of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – Raigad Fort Documentary (Courtesy – R N Production). So basically we can watch this video for 5 min 10 seconds but we never find the option on this page how to download youtube videos. But I will tell you the technique in next paragraph.

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How To download youtube videos Without JAVA Plugin

  • Just look at the URL of this video it is
  • We need to make a small change in it that we have to replace this starting part of URL (https://www.) with (ss)
  • Now our URL becomes
  • Hit Enter and you will get automatically redirected to
  • How To Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software
  • Now we are on this page which clearly gives us Download link to download this video we can see at right side of this picture we have 2 options to download MP4 360p And MP4 720p format.
  • So click on this link and your youtube file download will get start automatically

How To download youtube videos direct With YTD

  • This is another way you can download YTD (Youtube Video Downloader) from Internet
  • It directly allow to download the video we just need to copy and paste the URL in this software.

So In this way we have seen how to videos download youtube videos without using any software or without using any java plugin which is usually required to download video from

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How To Remove Shortcut Virus/Trojan From Computer/Laptop/Windows xp/7/8

How To Remove Shortcut Virus/Trojan From Computer If You Computer Is Affected

Hi, Today I am going to brief you about How to remove shortcut Virus/Trojan from Computer. As our computer gets affected with virus we get stuck at some point and cant proceed further thus we need to stop or remove such activities, Our today’s article will definitely help you to remove shortcut viruses from computer. Usually we use windows and we face the problem of viruses/trojan and malware’s because of window’s open structure and direct execution of .exe so we strongly need to fix this issue.

So Here is the First Solution To Remove Shortcut Virus/Trojan from computer Using Software Tool Or Anti Virus

I think this is the easiest method to remove virus from computer because we only need to buy/free download from internet and just scan the system.So follow this process

  • Here I am going to Share the link to download the tool
  • shortcut virus removal tool download
  • Now install it and open it
  • Here you can find the option to select the drive which you want to scan
  • So select the drive to scan and simply hit the button scan
  • After the scan process is over you can select the list of viruses and can delete them using delete button

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This is the Second Solution To Remove Shortcut Virus/Trojan  from computer Using Batch File(.bat)

First of all, I know that many people don’t know what a batch file is?? Dont worry it just a simple executable file written in notepad but saved  with (.bat) extension. Here you need to use and carry out the procedure manually. But this is also a good way to remove shortcut viruses, This is little tricky but if you follow this exact process and even if you are not a technical background person then also it can carried out successfully.

  • Just open the notepad
  • Now copy the following code and paste it into notepad

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Name_Drive:*.*

@echo complete

  • Now save this file with virusremover.bat name
  • Just replace the Name_drive with infected drive name , if you are having  3 or more drive then simply copy and paste this command.
  • Save and Close this file
  • Now run it

This is the third Solution To Remove Shortcut Viruses Using Command Prompt (cmd)

Till now we have seen above 2 method to remove shortcut viruses now we are going to do it with command prompt(cmd). In this procedure we will write some commands which will get executed and remove shortcut viruses

  • Go to Window Button press it type in search “cmd” right click on it
  • select “Run as administrator”
  • Type Following command on it
  • attrib -h-s-r-a /s /d Drive _ letter (like H ,C, D )
  • Now just hit the enter key
  • This command will follow its procedure you just have to wait for it
  • OK you are now done with it

Hope that this article will definitely help you to Remove Virus From your Computer, We will Come back with our next article soon.

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How To Remove Write Protection From Micro SD Card Using CMD

Remove Write Protection From Micro SD Card Using CMD To Get Your Important Data Back

So friends are you facing a problem with your micro sd-card or pendrive, like you are not able to access you r important data and feeling hopeless that you cannot get the data, Also many times we see that our computer refuses to format our device whether it is pendrive or memory card. Then don’t worry because today I am going to share my technique to unlock the micro sd-card or pendrive if there contents have got write protected.

How To Remove Write Protection From Micro SD Card Using CMD

So, In this article I am going to discuss various techniques which you can use to remove such kind of write protection as we may have a very important data in our card, or we may have an urgent job to store a particular data in such situation you could use this technique and within few minutes you can get access to memory card.

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Following Are Some Techniques You Can Use To Remove Write Protection From Pendrive or Micro SD Card

1. Check For A Lock Present On Your Pendrive or Micro SD Card

How To Remove Write Protection From Micro SD Card Using CMDLike you can see in above picture this memory card is get inserted into the slot present on adapter, this adapter have a switch which can be use as a write protection lock for your data. So kindly check this lock whether it is on or off if it is off then take care and be ensure that it must be on before you connect your device to the computer.

2. Check your Memory card for Viruses using Antivirus

Sometimes this may happens that our device gets affected with virus or any malware which denies us to access the data so this can be done through the antivirus. Simply scan the drive using any Antivirus for viruses you can refer our Article to get Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 with 90 Days Serial Key. Here you can get a free antivirus with license key for 90 days.

3. Check your System Registry

You may solve this easily by making some easy changes to your registry.

  1. Click on Window button or start button then click on run
  2. In run dialog box type “regedit”
  3. Now registry editor will get open now you have to go to this path
  4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE–>system–>currentcontrolset–>control–>storagedevicepolicies
  5. You can see the “write protection” option there
  6. now you need to Double click on this option and make sure to set its value to “0”
  7. after doing this process you can check the write protection and even still you are not able to access it then you can go for following step

4. Use Diskpart Utility To Remove Write protection

How To Remove Write Protection From Micro SD Card Using CMD

  1. Open command prompt from start window or from start button
  2. Type “diskpart” in that and hit enter key
  3. Now type “listdisk” and again hit enter
  4. Select disk one to select your appropriate drive and hit enter
  5. Now to remove its  write protection type this command “attributes disk clear readonly” and press enter
  6. type exit and you can exit this menu so you are almost done
  7. Now go to your drive and format your pendrive or memory card once by right clicking on it

Final Words

So friends i hope so that this article will help you a lot and if you have any queries you can ask in form of comments we will reply you soon. So enjoy the access to your write protected device data.

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How To Enable Copy And Paste Option In Command Prompt

How To Enable Copy And Paste Option In Command Prompt If You Are Not Able To Do It

You might have noticed that when we opened command prompt we are generally not able to copy or paste a content on its screen. And then we feel very helpless. This happens because of by default settings of command prompt which keeps this option by default disabled.

How To Enable Copy And Paste Option In Command Prompt

But you need not to worry it is just an option provided by windows which is by default disabled and we can enable it in easy steps within some seconds. Generally we find the need of this feature in college or office where we have a work on command prompt ,most of the IT students have a work on cmd to perform practical  and they face this problem of typing command again and again, so if they use this solution then they can find ease of use over typing. And that is why we have written this article so you can get to know How To Enable Copy And Paste Option In Command Prompt. After enabling this option you can simply copy and paste from any file or internet to command prompt   like we normally do, all these activities can be carried out directly. This will reduce your efforts to write whole command on command prompt manually.

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Steps that will guide you how to enable copy and paste option in Command Prompt :

  • From left bottom on the screen, click on the START Button then type CMD in search option and hit Enter.
  • Now next step is to right click on this command prompt window and select properties option
  • Now one new dialog box will on the screen select Edit Option which you can see in right side, then tick and check on option QuickEdit Mode option which will enable copy and paste option
  • Click on OK button this process will save the settings which you have configured.
  • And you are ready to use it now!! You are done !!!


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Now, You are ready to copy and paste the contents, from any source like web browser or notepad file ect. Also you can use the shortcut keys like ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and paste these shortcut keys will directly work on this window.

 Final Words

So in this way you can use this by default disabled feature of windows by enabling it, It will work with maximum version of Windows or we can say almost all versions of windows. If you find any difficulty while following these steps you csn contact us or give us a feedback in term of comments.So enjoy this feature and have a fun.

How to secure your wireless network

How to secure your wireless network or WiFi

Today’s world is of internet and maximum people are making use of wireless network that is wifi to use the internet.Actually there are many advantages of using this wireless network over wired network like we can have a flexibility to connect multiple devices.
But as we know each coin has two sides so this wifi also have something like this and that is its security. To make effective use of wifi as well as to restrict it from unauthorised users

How to secure your wireless networkWhy you should have secure wifi connection

1. If your connection is used by somebody else then your speed gets slow
2. Also if any user oes any kinds of hacking or steal someone’s data you may get in trouble
3. He may change your router configuration.

But you don’t have to worry because our article will definitely help you to secure your wireless network.

Following are the steps to secure your wireless network

How to secure your wireless network

1. Open your browser, go to now login screen will appear leave the username field and type “admin”

2. You can see admin’s link click on it now you can see the management option click on it then you need to fill the field named as router password. Now onward’s you will be able to login using this password.


Try to change your Network SSID and its Name

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier which is a name of of your network, and if anybody get to know it’s name then it becomes easy to get access of it beacause they can guess the password. So try to change it asap and keep it something which has no meaning or relation with information which is related to your profile. Like my SSID is “STUDD” so nobody can guess that it is mine. But instead if i gave my name then anybody will guess it is mine.

Your service set identifier (SSID) is your network’s name, and if people know what your SSID is, it’s easier for them to find your network and connect to it. Your router broadcasts its SSID, and that broadcast tells passersby there’s a network there. It also gives out the name.

Still intruders can log on to your router so you could use following solution to secure your wireless network

Change your SSID name and then try to hide it. So the the people in the range of WIFI wont be able to see the name.

  1. By entering into your home screen of wifi setup click on wireless tab and see the option Wireless Network Name (SSID). Set new name for your network
  2. Now click on SSID Broadcast setting and disable it and save it.
  3. And you have done with it

Turn on Firewall on Your Router

Latest routers has this option by default it is on but still you need to check it once to make sure whether it is on or off. If it is not enabled then can enable it.

Make use of software tools

You can make use of software tools which are easily available on the internet to secure wireless connection. If you want download such tool then you could use which provide you a desired tool to make secure your WiFi.

How to secure your wireless network



This is all about to secure your wireless network so try to visit our blog again and again to get updates on new articles you can also refer our article Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd, So friends enjoy and have a good day.

Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

How To Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd In Few Minutes :

Most of the people set the password for  their computer to keep their data secret and confidential as the data may be importatnt but today is come up with the trick by which you can Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd in just few minutes.

Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

Today’s article will help you a lot if you have forgot your password or not able to remind and you have very urgent work that can be done by accessing the system only, then don’t worry solution is here.

Follow the given steps to Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd :

1. Have a hard shut down to the system When the windows start screen is active this can be  done. Until and unless you get the “Windows Error Recovery” do this.

Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

2. As you can see the option Launch Startup Repair you need to select among these 2 options, then you will be able to see further available options.

3. Now you will be get prompted that “Do you want to recover computer using system restore” carefully you have to cancel it.

4. Now system will start repairing your computer so wait till it finishes it will take several minutes to do this.

Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

5. now after completing this process system will show it could not repair your system, And you will notice the option problem details which will show you 2 options among from those you have to select as “Dont Send“.

Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

6. As you can see this this link you need to click on it, it will show you the whole path, route as File -> Open -> Computer -> Local Disk -> Windows -> System32

7. Select the option as all .txt file from notepad options.

Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

8. Find the folder named as system32 then in this folder you will get a file named as sethc now rename it to sethc-bak, renaming sethc will not harm your system it is an program for sticky keys. Now search cmd file in same folder and rename it to sethc.

Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

9. Now, Click on finish and restart your computer.Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

10. As you see Password screen click shift button 5 times.

11. Paste this code to cmd net user[username]* to change the password.

12. Congrats you have successfully changed your password close the cmd.

By following these easy steps you can Hack Password Protected Windows 7 Using cmd

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Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 with 90 Days Serial Key

Article : Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 for Free

As all geeks know that kaspersky is very popular antivirus ever, It keeps our computer away from threats, malware, unwanted progrms. Many geeks are fallen into love with kaspersky and they are ready to pay huge amount to get this tool which will keep virus free system. Kaspersky is a tool which is updated every year by the company, And now it is 2015 and they are going to launch Kaspersky 2015. So this program is not freeware it will cost something for full version. Kaspersky 2015 update is comparatively much more powerful than the updates released till now.

Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015Now, I am going to share how you can get Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 . It is a old way and all we know in old updates many things were missing so I have come up with so many new things and new updates. We are going to use the antivirus free for 3 months. It has so many fabulous new features, like fast scanning, lighter in weight, a better defender and protector etc.It is very easy to get, you can even get it from the link in our article we have given.

Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015

Kaspersky’s this update has many good features like you could boot your computer with too much speed, can start and shut it down like windows 8 which takes so less time to boot. This new update has a capability to track over 2,00,000 virus and threats which you could say better than expected. This version has a cloud service.

Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015

So we can say Kaspersky is come up with lot of security features which helps to boost your computers performance and keeps system so healthy. And now its a time to get Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 to do so you need to follow my simple instructions and you ill be able to get your product with 3 months free activated genuine license .

STEPS : How to get Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 

Step 1 :  Follow and click on the link below and download the setup of official installer of kaspersky 2015

                                                       [sociallocker]Download Now[/sociallocker]

Step 2 : After completing the downloading process install this package and thats it you will get offered a package of 3 months free license activated i.e. for 90 days.

I hope you have installed the antivirus, so this article would help you a lot, and don’t forget to share our article because I think it help more people like it helped you.

We will be back with more helpful article soon so keep waiting for the next article to get published.

How To Remove Temporary Files To Speed Up Your PC

As everybody is not aware with the concept that when we install and remove tha software or applications many temporary files are get added into c: which ultimately turn to slow down the PC.

We could use c-cleaner to remove files and speedup PC even I use the c-cleaner beacause I think it is a best application speed up the PC. Also it does resource optimization

Remove Temporary Files To Speed Up Your PC Using C-Cleaner Wizard : –

Makes Computer Fast

Do you think your PC is running slow? As unused files increases and settings whichhard drive space make it slower. C-Cleaner cleans clears these files andmakes it so faster instantly within short time.


Safe Browsing

C-Cleaner cleans our browser history and cookies so whatever we search and do on the internet remains safe and we are not again and again get tracked by cookies.Many advertisers and websites vendors tracks our behavior online with cookies that stay on your computer and again again show their product or service and distract us.


Reduces Errors & Crashes

As long as we use the PC our registry become effected with errors and settings which lead
to crashes and erros. C-Cleaner has patented registry cleaner which does registry clean up.


Starts PC Quickly

Many programs run silently in the background when we start up our computer. C-Cleaner
helps us get to work, it runs faster by let us disable not needed application.





Remove Temporary Files To Speed Up Your PC By Manual Settings : –

So, Here we do have a solution on this problem like we may use a wizard which will do this process automatically either we can have our own way like we can manually remove these files from C:


Generally these files are stored different different directory in according to the version of Operating System.

Following are the ways To Remove Temporary Files To Speed Up Your PC :

For Windows XP :  Temporary files may reside in following 3 directories

  1. Go To – C: then go to directory -> temp (folder name)
  2. Go To – C: then go to directory -> Document and Setting then go to directory ->[“username”] then go to directory ->Local settings then go to directory ->temp  (this may be a Hidden Folder)
  3. Go To – C: then go to directory ->Windows then go to directory ->Temp

 For Windows VISTA : Temporary files may reside in following 2 directories

  1. Go To – C:  then go to directory ->Windows->Temp
  2. Go To-  C:  then go to directory -> Users then go to directory ->[“username”] then go to directory ->App Data then go to directory ->Local  then go to directory ->Temp (hidden folder)

 For Windows 7 : Temporary files may reside in following 2 directories

  1. Go To-  C: then go to directory -> Windows  then go to directory -> Temp
  2. Go To-  C: then go to directory -> Documents and Settings then go to directory ->[“username”]  then go to directory -> Local Settings  then go to directory -> Temp  (this may be a Hidden Folder)


For Windows 8 : Temporary files may reside in following directory

  1. Go To-  C: then go to directory ->Windows  then go to directory -> Temp


So Friends I think this article may be helpful to you and we will get back to you short with a next more helpful topic.



How To Make Hard Drive Partition In Windows 7

Making Hard Drive Partition In Windows is different and it depends on the version of the Operating System we are using.

So here we will be discussing  about the partition making in Windows 7,So we need following steps to be follow to make partition.

Steps To Make Hard Drive Partition In Windows 7 : –

Step 1 : Search for the computer management and open it

Click on start menu then enter in the search field “computer management” and then click on it

1Here you can see computer management, and various drives present on the system.

Step 2 : Click on Disc Management in Storage option

We can see the various options available on the left side frame, click on the storage it is a last option in the list, then click on disc management, In our picture it is showing 4 drives which are present o my system.


Step 3 : Select the Drive to make partition

From available drives we have to select a drive to which we want split logically like here we can see 4 drives let us consider we selected volume C: ,So right click on it and select “Shrink Volume”.

3You can see a pop-up window which has 4 options, among which we have to focus on the option “Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB” other shows the size of volume, remaining size after the partition.

Now just enter the size of new partition which you want to create it will accept the size in MB, then click on shrink volume it will take some time for this process then it will show us the following picture.

Step 4 : Create New Partition

Now, we have done with the shrinking of drive or partition after waiting for some time we can see a box which is named as “Unallocated”, right click on that and select “New Simple Volume”


Step 5 : New Simple Volume Wizard

As soon as we click on “New Simple Volume” ,this new window will get opened Here, in this window it will show an option that will prompt us to enter the size for the volume.

Step 6 : Assign a name to a Partition

We have to select a name as letter from the given list it is generally A,B,C,D,E like this.

Step 7 : Setting up the Partition Properties

  • Click the “Format this volume”
  • For File System option , set NTFS
  • For Allocation unit size option, set Default
  • For Volume Label, enter the name for new drive.
  • Click the “Perform a quick format”
  • Then click on the Next button  and finally on Finish button

Step 8 : Formatting the New Volume

  • It is necessary to format a newly formed volume to make work it effectively
  • So right click on “New Volume” and select “Format”
  • File system should be”NTFS”, Allocation unit size should be “Default”
  • Then tick on quick format
  • Click on “OK” and you are done with it.

And that’s it you will be able to see a new volume in “My Computer” with the name you have been chosen.

Friends I hope this article will be helpful if you are looking for How To Make Hard Drive Partition In Windows 7, you can give your feedback in comments, I will come with next article which would be more helpful.