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And My Friends Can Make Me Happy

Yes, Those are my friends who can bring smile on my face and make me happy even if I am in a situation of a stress or work pressure, they are only who know how to make me relax. So basically we have heard that “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed”, And that is so true a friend who help us in need that is only can be our friend otherwise there are many people who tell that I am your friend but when we need them they repudiate.

And My Friends Can Make Me Happy

But actually what is happiness?? It is not about only a fun, enjoyment or partying it is the thing which make you to feel release from all worries and stress, Then it can be a movie, fun or music. But basically my priority which makes me happy is to my friends among these things, All other things are on second priority. Usually we all friends are working and we get free time at the time of night and on weekend only, So we get together and then pull each others leg , our topic may be someone’s girlfriend or it may be anybody’s walking style we never forgive them for such things.

I still remember when we all friends went to Goa where I did one nonsense thing that is I was riding a bike and I realized that my bike’s petrol is going to finish and it is about to get into a mode of reserve so I have to make changes to switch to petrol on/off switch to make it into a mode of reserve. Basically that switch was at left side and I released my right hand from handle and hold handle from my left hand and I was trying to turn that switch to reserve using right side and all my friends was laughing after watching this, still they pull my legs and laugh on me. But I remember I did that thing to make the balance of my bike. And Oh My God still they don’t forgive me for that non sense whenever they remember I have to listen one long lecture from them.

So, I think our friends are god gift to us because they are always available in your bad time, we should have importance of them in life, also we earn them on our features I means friend are those who have same thinking, like if you are like devil then definitely get friends like devil and if you are having some good features like human then your friends will be like human. So I respect my friends a lot because I know my life can not be completed without them and we cannot be a successful in life if do not have support of such kind of friends. Usually few peoples do not have friends and they do not even talk with others and not even involves in others problem so automatically they get addicted to such things so I think we need to have always a smile on our face  and happiness in our heart. Because friends are only the way from which we can always learn something and earn the essential moments for our future life.

And That Was The Trip To GOA, We All Were Together…

I remember those four days in Goa city which was the most happiest moments of my life when  all of us were together. Actually we are a group of 10 friends and it is very rarely happens that we meet each other. But those 4 days of my life was really awesome, We enjoyed a lot. Actually we left our city at the time of 4 p.m. in the month of January 2012 and our journey begun, Everyone was in the mood to go mad nobody is ready to listen each other because everyone was busy in doing some stupid thing.

So finally we left Mumbai and started journey towards GOA, I remember one of our friend was not with us because of some problem and it really hurts, So we miss him a lot. Actually he is the most humorous person in our club, so obviously we are going to miss him. And what the unbelievable things we were doing in a train like we are watching  a recorded cricket match on laptop which was already held some other day,  And every another passenger was trying to look for score  and we all are laughing on them nobody is able to understand why we are laughing on them so they also starts laughing after watching us like this.

we are together in this journey

After all this happens we reached Goa in next morning when we all are together we saw a girl she was very pretty and beautiful and within one moment we fall into the beauty of this city. I saw that everyone was staring at her, So instantly diverted their mind and everyone was looking angrily at me so i tried to make them convince that we have much more to see!!! Now we move towards a beach which is very famous we did different types of water rides over there like banana ride, Para gliding etc. I still remember what fun we had then we gone for fishing, staying couple of hours on bat island and I think the most remembering thing happened on the boat when we are about to reach island we all are doing fishing and suddenly one of us shouted “Hey guys I think i got a fish in my hook” so we help him to pull it out and Oh My God it was just a waste some garbage was on his hook and we laugh a lot on him we pull his leg around for upcoming 4 days. I don’t think so that he can forget that moment ever in his life. His face was really something like we can see it.

After all this happens we went to Kingfisher Villa which is a very famous villa of the most famous businessman. And there also we did not stop our non sense activity we try to saw his villa from back side it was really awesome what kind of collection of bikes and car he has it was unbelievable. Then many different things we tried like we went to casino and played roulette an awesome game and it was my luck that I win too.

There are many more things which I could not explain in words and if I try to do so then I think it will take very long and my story will never end. So in this way I think now being together is only the key to Happiness. And it was really an awesome and memorable journey spent with you friends simply cannot forget that strength and passion we have discovered just because of togetherness.


Why I Left My Hostel, Really Missing Those Golden Days…

Why I Left My Hostel, Really Missing Those Golden Days , Yes because it really hurts me till now and I think it will hurt me for forever.This was my first time when I left my home for higher education so I moved to a different city that of my home town. So I met with new people i raised my hand for friendship and many of them hold it, and slowly slowly this bond becomes more stronger because of our friendship. I still remember it was the first day in our college in that Unknown city when I met my best friend  he was mature than me still I found that he do not hesitate in the conversation, he talked with me for 10 minutes and I really impressed with his command on Networking Technology he was extremely good in it, and that was the moment we started sharing our knowledge and thoughts and our friendship get more deeper as the time get passed, then after some period of time  three more people join our club in the college.


So, it was all about fun I was pulling leg of everyone reason could be anything like anyone’s girlfriend or a crush in a college or it could be anyone’s hairstyle. We never forgive anything, It was like a war if you hit me then how i can forgive you. So this was going and going continuously. Day by day we all get close to each other so it was happen like this.

Also In addition with this, I was living in a private hostel there also I had a fun club under the leadership of my Room mate  also he was one of my good friend, He was like stand up comedian in whichever mood you are you have to smile if you are sitting with him. So everyone comes back to the room and lookup for him.He had and has a super natural power in himself to make anyone laugh. Even you are very nervous and depressed you just need to meet him once, I can  guarantee he will make you laugh at any cost. I still did not get his mystery to do this he was like a Television because he was the biggest entertainment for us for us, we all miss him still…So I just want to say thank you  to make us so happy you will remain there in our heart till our last breath we cant forget you and your crazy thoughts.

And it was that sad day when I had to left my Hostel I packed up all my bags and stuff, really it was very difficult to take that decision but I took it because I have come to my place my home. Almost their were tears in my eyes but I had to hide those them. And with this difficult moment with my unhappiness on my face I left that city. And in all my journey I was remembering the happiest moments of life and i was smiling but now whenever I think about those moments it really hurts because I know that this is not possible to bring it back…..Miss you college, miss you Friends…..


Why I Don’t Think Before Taking Decision??

Why I Don’t Think Before Taking Decision?? This  happens every time I take the decision and that can be biggest risk in my life still I take such decisions without taking care of all other things and hurdles in my path.

Taking risk without planning about the future is always dangerous it can spoil everything in your life. Still I took this decision in my life this was happen around 6 years ago. I left my city Mumbai and went to other university for higher Education. As everyone knows how famous that university is for education. So I had a very good opportunity to take this advantage of getting education in city where mostly everyone comes for the same purpose. I saw the college and check about the placement and campus and I decided to take an admission in this college


That was first time in my life when I left my home and came to new city to start a new life in this new city. Now I have to plan everything that arrangement of my hostel , also the arrangement of food facility and many other things. Like this I faced lot of things in these 3 years. Also I had to manage money for day to day survival. I made many new friends some of them are very good and mange perfectly with me but some of them take U turn after some time and I broke my relation with them for forever.

When we think for our self then we  became selfish and some time we have to be selfish.  That person may be your friend or your enemy. All this was happened with me in the City where my college was located which make me stronger to resolve the problem and put me in  next phase of my life. In this journey of 3 year i faced many problems, make lots of mistake but learn lot from this  mistakes and fought  with them with my own attitude. Never like to make complain for my decision this is because this decision changed my life

Now I after few months, I am going to complete next step of my life, will complete my master’s degree (Master  Of Computer Application) and proudly going to live my life freely. I will feel proud on myself that I will be makes myself busy in my work and will give this credit to my parents also, spent some  money on my expenses. Still I have my life has many challenges and I know i have to face many more then also I will do this, but I know i will survive and learn many more things from my decision and only one thing help me in this journey that and that was I believed in myself.