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Top 5 Best Android/ iOS Apps on Smartphone TO Buy Or Sale A Property In 2015

Top 5 Best Android/ iOS Apps on Smartphone TO Buy Or Sale A Property Online In 2015

As all of us are aware with the concept of selling a property which Is a very traditional thing which now adopted by many businesses with the concept of globalization . Also now technology is a part of need without it we can not perform even a single transaction easily. So for this purpose we need to shake a hand with technology and that thing is already done by some companies to increase their revenue. We know that it is the world which can not be able to deal without the technology, Android has millions or say billions of app on their play store.

So, today I am going to tell you all that there are many app present on android market to buy or sell real estate or property

Top 5 Best Android/ iOS Apps on Smartphone TO Buy Or Sale A Property

Following Are The Top App To Buy Or Sale Real Estate (Property)

1. Sulekha

This is a most famous website for directory search at least in our country and that is India. Sulekha’s android  app is usually made for multipurpose and that is for directory listing like business listing, school and college listing, Also used for property listing too. This app is not especially designed for the purpose of selling or buying a property.

2.  Magic Bricks

Magic bricks is famous for property listing in some specific area, or region. The special thing which I liked about the app is that it provides filter according to our need like room, price. Also it provides the option to contact to owner or developer of a property.

3. Zillow

Zillow has a great collection of property like for U.S. they have a data for millions of homes, single family homes etc. Also it provides a great search by which you can search according to number of bedroom, bathroom and price etc.

4. Trulia

Trualia is also an excellent app to buy or sell property as it provides you the details of homes, shops of whose owners want to sell or to put them on rent. Also its speciality is that it has a Geometric Positioning System feature which allow you to search the property into your near by areas or the area whichever you want

5. India Property

This is also a great alternate option available to buy a property it gives us a quick view of available properties also it has a great feature that it provides a 3D view of a property which we have selected.

I hope that you will definitely take an advantage of this article and it will help you to increase your experience to find the property. So don’t forget to share this article. Have a great day and enjoy….

How To Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software On Mobile/Computer

How To Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software or Java Plugin With Direct Download

Usually we can see the list of videos on youtube and can play them but if we try to download these videos, I found that many of us don’t know how to download youtube videos, because this facility is not provided by Google(youtube). But you guys don’t have to worry because I am going to tell you a shortcut technique to how to download youtube videos. Many of us use Keepvid  to download youtube videos but it asks for java plugin which really irritates.

How To Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software


So you guys can see this is the video of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – Raigad Fort Documentary (Courtesy – R N Production). So basically we can watch this video for 5 min 10 seconds but we never find the option on this page how to download youtube videos. But I will tell you the technique in next paragraph.

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How To download youtube videos Without JAVA Plugin

  • Just look at the URL of this video it is
  • We need to make a small change in it that we have to replace this starting part of URL (https://www.) with (ss)
  • Now our URL becomes
  • Hit Enter and you will get automatically redirected to
  • How To Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software
  • Now we are on this page which clearly gives us Download link to download this video we can see at right side of this picture we have 2 options to download MP4 360p And MP4 720p format.
  • So click on this link and your youtube file download will get start automatically

How To download youtube videos direct With YTD

  • This is another way you can download YTD (Youtube Video Downloader) from Internet
  • It directly allow to download the video we just need to copy and paste the URL in this software.

So In this way we have seen how to videos download youtube videos without using any software or without using any java plugin which is usually required to download video from

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How To Use Whatsapp On Your Browser

Access And Use WhatsApp On your Browser

Friends Good News For All of You who are using WhatsApp!!! Now don’t worry if you are not allowed to use your phone in the  office, Still you can access and Use Whatsapp On Your Browser.  Around 500 million user are going to take an advantage of this service, From couple of days we are getting rumours about this service but finally WhatsApp announced the news on wednesday that now users can Use Whatsapp On Your Browser.

How To Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted


WhatsApp founder Jan Koum mentioned and wrote in his facebook post on his Facebook page that “Our Web client is simply an extension of your phone: the Web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device — this means all of your messages still live on your phone”.

Also whatsapp has announced that we are providing this web client to Android, Blackberry 10,Blackberry and Windows users only it is not available for iOS user as Apple has platform limitations it may be available for them soon but right now iPhone users has to wait.

One thing will remain very beneficial for you, that your messages and chat remain as a backup in your PC, as many people loses their chat and message history. You can refer article Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted

How To Use Whatsapp On Your Browser

  • Open A Google Chrome Browser and go to this will connect your WhatsApp to browser
  • Get update for WhatsApp in your mobile for its latest version
  • Get WhatsApp web from the menu
  • Now you can see the the QR code so scan it in mobile WhatsApp and you are about to connect, Thats it you have got paired your WhatsApp on mobile with the whatsapp web client
  • You phone should remain connected to internet access  for web clients proper functioning and working
  • So now you can have your whatsapp anywhere in the world even you dont have your cellphone  with you.

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How To Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted

How To Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted From Your Phone

How To Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted

As all of us are using whatsapp in today’s world, But many of us faces some problem with this app and that is uncertainty of chat. A chat history may get deleted because of a crash or sometime we delete it explicitly.

If you have lost your conversation then don’t worry we have come up with the solution To Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted

Let us consider a scenario where you clicked delete conversation by mistakly

get whatsapp message back

Now, If you have a look at this picture you have lost your conversation without any record.

Method 1 : To Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted from you phone by using restore option

By Recovering chat backup available on your phone To Get Whatsapp Messages Back :

You will get surprise that you whatsapp app continuously takes backup of your whole whatsapp messages extract and everyday at some particular time. To get this backup you need to remove your whatsapp application from phone then try to re-install it  you will get prompted that backup file found on your phone, Do you want to use this backup?

To Get Whatsapp Messages

As soon as you click on restore button as you can see in the above picture it will take few minutes to restore all your data. Now you are ready with all your data

Method 2 : To Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted from you phone by using third party service

I can say confidently that this method is much better than first one. Here a third party software facilitates you with a service to recover whatsapp messages. Here to do so you need to visit the website and brows the database of you available backup from your phone. It will extract your messages from this file.

 Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted

This method will take several minutes to recover whatsapp messages time will depend on your data, If data is too large time will be more. You need to select a SQLite file then click on scan and extraction process will be started. But one problem is there with this method is that you can read all the message extracted by this service but it is not possible to get them back to your phone or say in Chat option. As soon as you will get displayed a message “Register recovered” you will be able to read your messages.

Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted

If you are new to android you can Download Whatsapp Plus APK for free from this link to view this link you need to like it or share or you can choose any one option from among these [sociallocker]download link[/sociallocker]

So friends hope this article help you To Get Whatsapp Messages Back Once Deleted from your phone. We will be back with new post which will be more helpful to you.

Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos

Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos :

Today we will be discussing about the Top 5 Android Apps to edit the photos, I think it can be a more funnier thing if we make prank with our friends by applying some effects on their pictures even they could find it good too.

The most considerable thing is when we want to edit the picture is to select the best fit app according our requirement.
If you are searching for the best app to edit the pic then I think this article will help you a lot,
Today we need to edit the pic to publish them on social websites like facebook , twitter, whatsapp etc, also sometimes we need to make a prank with our friends too.

There are various cool apps present on google play store which allows you to apply multiple kinds of effects, cropping techniques, inserting text and another pic, etc.

Following is list of Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photoswith their descriotion :

    1. PIXLR Express

pixlr express

  • Pixlr express is best and helpful if you specifically want remove any patch or spot from the image
  • Sometimes it happen that a dust particle appears on camera screen in such time you can use this app to remove such kind of spot
  • It has a ease of use which means we can easily and directly touch and manipulate the images
  • It is easily available on google playstore as well as in ios
  • Pixlr express provides several effects like poster, pencil, etc.

2.VSCO Cam

VSCO to edit picture


  • It is generally known as visco 
  • We can say VSCO CAM has a huge collection consist of  filters as comparing to available instagram
  • It provides features like brightness, crop, contrast, saturation,tint
  • This app is fortunately very good for personal editing for photos
  • For newcomers it  may be a critical to use it but after some they get habitual of it

3. Snapseed to edit photos

snapseed Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos

  • If you are thinking for a very good app for editing pics then you can go for it as this is a very good app
  • In Snapseed this app you can add as many pictures as you want and then can manually swipe upwards and downward direction
  • It has selective adjust feature, its filter ranges from great to average
  • You can change a specific part of a image without changing whole image

 4. Aviary to edit photos

aviary Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos

  • photo editor by aviary, I think it is a best app for tweaking a pictures
  • This is best if you are using a windows O.S.
  • Development in windows for this app is history now, because they have stopped the development in windows also they have stopped providing updates
  • Instead they have started development in iOS and Android



5. Instagram

instagram Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos

  •  Instagram is a most popular and favorite app of users among these apps
  • It is very fast and hassle free photo editing app
  • It has several filter useful for specific audience but not for all users
  • Its filters are not best so you could refer other apps for specific purpose like black and white photography

So friends I hope that this will be a useful article if you are looking for a Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos. We will come with more helpful article soon.