Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 with 90 Days Serial Key

Article : Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 for Free

As all geeks know that kaspersky is very popular antivirus ever, It keeps our computer away from threats, malware, unwanted progrms. Many geeks are fallen into love with kaspersky and they are ready to pay huge amount to get this tool which will keep virus free system. Kaspersky is a tool which is updated every year by the company, And now it is 2015 and they are going to launch Kaspersky 2015. So this program is not freeware it will cost something for full version. Kaspersky 2015 update is comparatively much more powerful than the updates released till now.

Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015Now, I am going to share how you can get Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 . It is a old way and all we know in old updates many things were missing so I have come up with so many new things and new updates. We are going to use the antivirus free for 3 months. It has so many fabulous new features, like fast scanning, lighter in weight, a better defender and protector etc.It is very easy to get, you can even get it from the link in our article we have given.

Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015

Kaspersky’s this update has many good features like you could boot your computer with too much speed, can start and shut it down like windows 8 which takes so less time to boot. This new update has a capability to track over 2,00,000 virus and threats which you could say better than expected. This version has a cloud service.

Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015

So we can say Kaspersky is come up with lot of security features which helps to boost your computers performance and keeps system so healthy. And now its a time to get Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 to do so you need to follow my simple instructions and you ill be able to get your product with 3 months free activated genuine license .

STEPS : How to get Free Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 

Step 1 :  Follow and click on the link below and download the setup of official installer of kaspersky 2015

                                                       [sociallocker]Download Now[/sociallocker]

Step 2 : After completing the downloading process install this package and thats it you will get offered a package of 3 months free license activated i.e. for 90 days.

I hope you have installed the antivirus, so this article would help you a lot, and don’t forget to share our article because I think it help more people like it helped you.

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Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos

Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos :

Today we will be discussing about the Top 5 Android Apps to edit the photos, I think it can be a more funnier thing if we make prank with our friends by applying some effects on their pictures even they could find it good too.

The most considerable thing is when we want to edit the picture is to select the best fit app according our requirement.
If you are searching for the best app to edit the pic then I think this article will help you a lot,
Today we need to edit the pic to publish them on social websites like facebook , twitter, whatsapp etc, also sometimes we need to make a prank with our friends too.

There are various cool apps present on google play store which allows you to apply multiple kinds of effects, cropping techniques, inserting text and another pic, etc.

Following is list of Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photoswith their descriotion :

    1. PIXLR Express

pixlr express

  • Pixlr express is best and helpful if you specifically want remove any patch or spot from the image
  • Sometimes it happen that a dust particle appears on camera screen in such time you can use this app to remove such kind of spot
  • It has a ease of use which means we can easily and directly touch and manipulate the images
  • It is easily available on google playstore as well as in ios
  • Pixlr express provides several effects like poster, pencil, etc.

2.VSCO Cam

VSCO to edit picture


  • It is generally known as visco 
  • We can say VSCO CAM has a huge collection consist of  filters as comparing to available instagram
  • It provides features like brightness, crop, contrast, saturation,tint
  • This app is fortunately very good for personal editing for photos
  • For newcomers it  may be a critical to use it but after some they get habitual of it

3. Snapseed to edit photos

snapseed Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos

  • If you are thinking for a very good app for editing pics then you can go for it as this is a very good app
  • In Snapseed this app you can add as many pictures as you want and then can manually swipe upwards and downward direction
  • It has selective adjust feature, its filter ranges from great to average
  • You can change a specific part of a image without changing whole image

 4. Aviary to edit photos

aviary Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos

  • photo editor by aviary, I think it is a best app for tweaking a pictures
  • This is best if you are using a windows O.S.
  • Development in windows for this app is history now, because they have stopped the development in windows also they have stopped providing updates
  • Instead they have started development in iOS and Android



5. Instagram

instagram Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos

  •  Instagram is a most popular and favorite app of users among these apps
  • It is very fast and hassle free photo editing app
  • It has several filter useful for specific audience but not for all users
  • Its filters are not best so you could refer other apps for specific purpose like black and white photography

So friends I hope that this will be a useful article if you are looking for a Top 5 Android Apps to Edit Photos. We will come with more helpful article soon.


How To Remove Temporary Files To Speed Up Your PC

As everybody is not aware with the concept that when we install and remove tha software or applications many temporary files are get added into c: which ultimately turn to slow down the PC.

We could use c-cleaner to remove files and speedup PC even I use the c-cleaner beacause I think it is a best application speed up the PC. Also it does resource optimization

Remove Temporary Files To Speed Up Your PC Using C-Cleaner Wizard : –

Makes Computer Fast

Do you think your PC is running slow? As unused files increases and settings whichhard drive space make it slower. C-Cleaner cleans clears these files andmakes it so faster instantly within short time.


Safe Browsing

C-Cleaner cleans our browser history and cookies so whatever we search and do on the internet remains safe and we are not again and again get tracked by cookies.Many advertisers and websites vendors tracks our behavior online with cookies that stay on your computer and again again show their product or service and distract us.


Reduces Errors & Crashes

As long as we use the PC our registry become effected with errors and settings which lead
to crashes and erros. C-Cleaner has patented registry cleaner which does registry clean up.


Starts PC Quickly

Many programs run silently in the background when we start up our computer. C-Cleaner
helps us get to work, it runs faster by let us disable not needed application.





Remove Temporary Files To Speed Up Your PC By Manual Settings : –

So, Here we do have a solution on this problem like we may use a wizard which will do this process automatically either we can have our own way like we can manually remove these files from C:


Generally these files are stored different different directory in according to the version of Operating System.

Following are the ways To Remove Temporary Files To Speed Up Your PC :

For Windows XP :  Temporary files may reside in following 3 directories

  1. Go To – C: then go to directory -> temp (folder name)
  2. Go To – C: then go to directory -> Document and Setting then go to directory ->[“username”] then go to directory ->Local settings then go to directory ->temp  (this may be a Hidden Folder)
  3. Go To – C: then go to directory ->Windows then go to directory ->Temp

 For Windows VISTA : Temporary files may reside in following 2 directories

  1. Go To – C:  then go to directory ->Windows->Temp
  2. Go To-  C:  then go to directory -> Users then go to directory ->[“username”] then go to directory ->App Data then go to directory ->Local  then go to directory ->Temp (hidden folder)

 For Windows 7 : Temporary files may reside in following 2 directories

  1. Go To-  C: then go to directory -> Windows  then go to directory -> Temp
  2. Go To-  C: then go to directory -> Documents and Settings then go to directory ->[“username”]  then go to directory -> Local Settings  then go to directory -> Temp  (this may be a Hidden Folder)


For Windows 8 : Temporary files may reside in following directory

  1. Go To-  C: then go to directory ->Windows  then go to directory -> Temp


So Friends I think this article may be helpful to you and we will get back to you short with a next more helpful topic.



How To Remove Pattern Lock If You Forget Lock Pattern

Do you forget your pattern lock??? Then don’t worry because today we are going to brief the solution on this problem that is How To Remove Pattern Lock If You Forget Lock Pattern, many of us generally forget their pattern for lock.

2This is generally happens because many of us change their password for pattern lock frequently like within 2-3 days or some of then forget it.

Following are the Two methods To Remove Pattern Lock If You Forget Lock Pattern :

Method 1 : Recover It Using E-mail ID


Steps :

  1. Try to guess your password number of times
  2. If this do not works then if password is not correct in 3-5 attempts then it will prompt you that whether you have forgot your password
  3. Now it will show you following screen
  4. Here we can see it is allowing us to enter our mail id, so we can use “Request authentication number” by which we can get this number on our mail id.
  5. After doing this we have to enter this authentication number which we have got on our mail id, into given field then press “OK”
  6. And thats it you have done eith it, Now it will ask you to set a new pattern.

Method 1 : Recover It Using Question And Answer


Steps :

  1. Keep in mind this option is useful when you are using any external app locker
  2. We can see “Lock initialization method” click on that
  3. Now you can see 2 options “e-mail and Question answer”
  4. So click on the Question and answer
  5. Then you will get ask a question whose answer you had set at the time of installation of locker.
  6. Now just answer the question and you will be able to set new pattern lock.


Method 3 : Master Reset With Hardware Keys

Note :- We strongly recommend you to go for this method if above 2 methods are not working because this may lead to loss of all your installed apps.

  1. Make sure device is turned off otherwise turn it off.
  2. Try to Press and hold  three buttons at a time ,When the phone vibrates, release the “Switch off” key but continue to press and hold the “Volume-Up” and “Home” key.
    • Volume-Up key
    • Home key
    • Power key.
  3. Now “Android System Recovery” screen will appear, then release the Volume-Up and Home keys.
  4. Press the Volume down key to select highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset option.’
  5. Press “Switch off” button to select.
  6. Press “Switch off” button to select and the master reset it will be started now.
  7. As soon as master reset is completed  ‘Reboot system now’ option will be shown to us.
  8. Press  “Switch off” key to restart the device.

So Friends I think this article may be helpful to you if you are trying, How To Remove Pattern Lock If You Forget Lock Pattern  and we will get back to you short with a next more helpful topic.


How To Make Hard Drive Partition In Windows 7

Making Hard Drive Partition In Windows is different and it depends on the version of the Operating System we are using.

So here we will be discussing  about the partition making in Windows 7,So we need following steps to be follow to make partition.

Steps To Make Hard Drive Partition In Windows 7 : –

Step 1 : Search for the computer management and open it

Click on start menu then enter in the search field “computer management” and then click on it

1Here you can see computer management, and various drives present on the system.

Step 2 : Click on Disc Management in Storage option

We can see the various options available on the left side frame, click on the storage it is a last option in the list, then click on disc management, In our picture it is showing 4 drives which are present o my system.


Step 3 : Select the Drive to make partition

From available drives we have to select a drive to which we want split logically like here we can see 4 drives let us consider we selected volume C: ,So right click on it and select “Shrink Volume”.

3You can see a pop-up window which has 4 options, among which we have to focus on the option “Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB” other shows the size of volume, remaining size after the partition.

Now just enter the size of new partition which you want to create it will accept the size in MB, then click on shrink volume it will take some time for this process then it will show us the following picture.

Step 4 : Create New Partition

Now, we have done with the shrinking of drive or partition after waiting for some time we can see a box which is named as “Unallocated”, right click on that and select “New Simple Volume”


Step 5 : New Simple Volume Wizard

As soon as we click on “New Simple Volume” ,this new window will get opened Here, in this window it will show an option that will prompt us to enter the size for the volume.

Step 6 : Assign a name to a Partition

We have to select a name as letter from the given list it is generally A,B,C,D,E like this.

Step 7 : Setting up the Partition Properties

  • Click the “Format this volume”
  • For File System option , set NTFS
  • For Allocation unit size option, set Default
  • For Volume Label, enter the name for new drive.
  • Click the “Perform a quick format”
  • Then click on the Next button  and finally on Finish button

Step 8 : Formatting the New Volume

  • It is necessary to format a newly formed volume to make work it effectively
  • So right click on “New Volume” and select “Format”
  • File system should be”NTFS”, Allocation unit size should be “Default”
  • Then tick on quick format
  • Click on “OK” and you are done with it.

And that’s it you will be able to see a new volume in “My Computer” with the name you have been chosen.

Friends I hope this article will be helpful if you are looking for How To Make Hard Drive Partition In Windows 7, you can give your feedback in comments, I will come with next article which would be more helpful.

Top 5 Android Phones Below 15000 Rs

top 5 android phones under 15000Friends want to Buy a new android smart phone then solution is here bacause today we are going to publish the article about Top 5 Android Phones Below 15000 Rs, As we all know how it is difficult to coos right phone according to need.

Here, I have mention the specifications of a phone along with their price as well as the reason which will tell you why should you buy this phone. It is very important to have a right choice of phone as we are going to invest a huge amount in the article otherwise we really get rid of the phone within a month.

Following is a list of Top 5 Android Phones Below 15000

1 . xiaomi mi 3

It is launched by Chinese company , This phone has got tremendous popularity in the market not beacause of its specifications only but the price too, it has impressed fans and critics alike, Site crumbled within some minutes of it going sale as it has booking of 1,00,000. This phone is available in market for 13,999 only.


  • Dimension – 5.67 x 2.90 x 0.32 (In inches)
  • Weight – 145 g
  • Operarting System -Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean)
  • CPU – Quad-core 2.3 GHz
  • Memory –  16/64 GB(internal), 2 GB RAM
  • Camera – 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pix, dual-LED flash feature
  • Battery – Stand by-Up to 500 h , Talk Time-Up to 25 h, Music Play-Up to 500 h

2.Motorola Moto G

As we all know this phone has a brand name MOTOROLA behind it, it is most popular phone and available on flipkart for just Rs 12,499 for the 8GB and Rs 13,999 for the 16GB.

top 5 android phone

  • Dimension – 5.57 x 2.78 x 0.43 in (In inches)
  • Weight – 149 g
  • Operarting System -Android KitKat (v4.4.4)
  • CPU – Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
  • Memory –  up to 8 GB(internal), upto 32 GB exapandable, 2 GB RAM
  • Camera – 8 MP, 3264  x  2448 pix, LED flash feature,auto focus feature.

3 . Motorola Moto E

Moto becomes stronger after success of Moto G and Moto X, But a Moto E is an outstanding. The Phone comes pack with the features I would currently in budget smart phone. The price of this phone makes a big impact to go for it as it is in just 6,999 only.

top 5 android phone

  • Dimension – 4.91 x 2.55 x 0.48  (In inches)
  • Weight – 142 g
  • SIM-Dual SIM (Micro-SIM, dual stand-by)
  • Display – 540 x 960 pixels, 4.3 inches
  • Operarting System -Android, KitKat v4.4.2
  • CPU – Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
  • Memory –  up to 32 GB, 4GB (internal) 1 GB RAM
  • Camera – 5 MP, 2592 х 1944 pixel
  • Battery – Up to 24 h (3G)

4.  Micromax A300 Canvas Gold

I think Micromax A300 Canvas Gold is a fully loaded version of a smartphone, The price of the dual-SIM supporting Micromax A300 Canvas Gold handset falls in line  price of  this phone is 24,000 Rs. .

micromax canvas gold a300

  • Dimension -6.9  thick (In mm)
  • Weight –
  • SIM-Dual SIM
  • Display – 1080 x 1920 pix, 5.5 (inches)
  • Operarting System -Android, KitKat v4.4.2
  • CPU – Octa-core 2 GHz Cortex-A7
  • Memory –  up to 32 GB, 2 GB RAM
  • Camera – 16 MP, 3456 x 4608 pixel, auto focus, LED flash feature
  • Battery – Stand By – Up to 210 h, Talk Time – Up to 8 h

5.  Micromax A300 Canvas Turbo

Micromax A300 Canvas Turbo is available at 8,999 on it is comparatively a lowest price in market.

micromax canvas turbo a250

  • Dimension –
  • Weight –
  • SIM-Dual SIM (Micro SIM only)
  • Display – 1080 x 1920 pix, 5 (inches)
  • Operarting System -Android, Jelly Bean v4.2.1
  • CPU – Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A7
  • Memory – 16 GB , 2 GB RAM
  • Camera – 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixel, auto focus, LED flash feature
  • Battery – Stand By – Up to 105 h, Talk Time – Up to 7 h

So all these are top phones in our budget, actually I though these are Top 5 Android Phones Below 15000 Rs  we can buy.

So friends I think today’s article may be helpful if you are in search of Top 5 Android Phones Below 15000 Rs ,We will come back soon with more helpful article.

How To Write Your First WordPress Post


So friends, we are ready with our setup of wordpress And Now it is  time to move to write first      post in wordpress!

There are various ready plugins are available for wordpress in market, we will learn them slowly slowly as we  will move ahead.

I think we  don’t need to have a best knowledge of “wordpress to write a post”,

But still the perfect way to start is to jump right in.


How To Write First Post In WordPress

Step 1 : Select Add New Option

Select Add New from Posts Option on your dashboard, this is a visualization for this step To Write First Post In WordPress

How To Write First Post In WordPress

Step 2 : Enter The Title For The Post

As soon as you pressed Add New Post it will prompt you to enter the title for this post, So simply write a title name relevant to your post.

How To Write First Post In WordPress

In above picture we have shown which are the options available to edit or insert the data, There are several customization options are available like font, font type, underline, size etc.


Step 3 : Write The Description For The Article

Now start writing the post ,while writing keep in mind that your data should be relevant, post should be of minimum 400 characters,

How To Write First Post In WordPress

Try to explain the topic thoroughly and step by step dont show the cluttered look of a data, create a visualization of  steps that will help better understanding to the user.


Step 4 :  Images, Tagline And Links

how to write first wordpress post

Dont forget to add the images and relevant link which can more precisely describe the contents of article, Dont try to copy the images from any source because it will create a copyright issue and the article with such copied data will not hold a place in google anymore.

And as everybody know that organic traffic is always less than the traffic redirected by the google,  so it is always better to have a unique content to get a huge traffic and tremendous user.


Step 5 : Have A Look To An Article

Once you have finished writing the article then its a time to review an article for grammatical mistakes, highlighted keywords, size of an images, quality of an images, flow of an article we have to check it, these are various things which we should notice in this section, There are many more you can consider them.


Step 6 : Publish The Article

If we want our viewers to have a look of this article you can publish it immediately by selecting an option of publish button otherwise if want hold it and want to make changes later then you could use option of Draft

Step 7 : Congratulations! For Your First Post

As soon as you  will press the button publish you will get this confirmation that you have posted your article on your website and it is now ready for your users to have a look of it.

Step 8 : Other Available Options

Also you will have others many more options for customization and to promote your website

Discussion :

You could enable the comment box so the user can share their experiences and reviews which will make better sense to other users too, Also this will enable a blogger for any kinds of enhancement.

TrackBacks :

This is a very useful tool which allows you to to connect to other non-wordpress blog, You just have to put the relevant link into this box, The Blog owner will automatically get notified that you have connected with him. Its a job of wordpress to notify the Blogger.


Congratulations!!! You have succcessfully written and published your post, Above given steps are enough To Write Your First WordPress Post

In Upcoming post we will see how to do the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for the same Post.








Blood Bank Management System ASP.Net Project

***** About Blood Bank *****

  • Blood Bank is very similar concept as like a bank where we keep a money
  • Similarly in blood bank we store the blood which can be used in emergencies like accident or  any kind of injury so this is very useful concept which can save one’s life,So Blood Bank Management System is created to do the same thing online .
  • Worlds first blood donation concept was introduced in 1921 by secretary of British Red Cross and then slowly slowly in 1925 it was providing service to around 500 people
  • If we see in depth then we may find that it has several advantages but it needs a vey strict enviorment to preserve it for a long time
  • And that includes the climate which should be less than 0 degree celcius

Description  of Blood Bank ASP.NET Project : –

Blood Bank Java project


Introduction to Blood Bank Management System :

Blood Bank management System project is about to develop an online Blood Donation Information.So, Basically it maintains an electronic information about donors and consumers.  A person who want to donate a blood can register himself online using this system in the same fashion like he does it in blood bank which is done by receptionist. Also if any consumer wants the blood he can also register himself and can look for a donor so the process becomes very fast and easy.

  1. This is a Blood Bank Project
  2. Blood Bank project is developed in asp using technology
  3. This project includes a simulation of a Blood Bank’s whole similar process
  4. Like user registration which includes his details like name, address, conatact information, blood group, age, sex,  education, reference, etc
  5. Then it includes how much blood is donated by a user
  6. Also See the following details to get knowledge about front end and back end
  7. Front end :


  • click on any of the above button that is either like, tweet or  g+ button and you will be able to see download option to save your targeted rar file.
  • If you find any difficulty while downloading Blood Bank Management System ASP.Net Project then please leave a comment we will asap resolve the problem otherwise you can mail us on the mail id mention on our Contact Us Page.

I hope this project will be help you a lot, we will be back to you soon with more helpful projects like operation research ,Online Examination etc.

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ATM Simulation Java Project


***** About Java *****

  • Java is a robust and high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. A JAVA language was designed earlier for developing programs for set-top boxes , but later it was used for creating web applications.
  • One design goal of creating Java programming language is portability of a byte code, that means programs written on the Java platform must run on any  hardware and operating system where JVM is installed or say JVM compatible hardware. This is done by compiling the Java code to a specific code known as intermediate code whose representation is called java bytecode, instead converting it  to machine language code.
  • Users generally use a JRE(Java Runtime Enviorment) installed on their computer to support  Java desktop applications, or in a web browser for Java Applets.
  • Java byte code instructions are not understandable to machine , but they are intended to be executed by a VM (Virtual Machine) written specifically for the host Machine.
  • Java Standard libraries provides a way to access features such as graphics, networking and threading.
  • A major benefit of using byte code is its portability to any JVM compatible computer. The overhead of interpretation is there and which means that interpreted programs are always run slowly than programs compiled to native executables code. JIT(Just in Time ) compilers were introduced from an early stage that converts byte codes to machine code in compilation process.

Description  of ATM Simulation Java Project : –


  1. This is a ATM simulation java project made in JSP JAVA
  2. ATM simulation java project has a Microsoft MS Access is used as db back end
  3. This project simulates the process of ATM Transaction
  4. We can see the exact process which get followed in this application as in ATM machine too
  5. ATM simulation java project allows to enter the specific language, enter pin, amount etc.
  6. It is more secure as it has a java security


  • To download this project click on any of the above button that is either like, tweet or  g+ button and you will be able to see download option and save your targeted rar file.
  • If you find any difficulty while downloading ATM simulation java project then please leave a comment we will asap resolve the problem otherwise you can mail us on the mail id mention on our Contact Us Page.

I hope this project will be helpful to you all, we will be back to you soon with more helpful projects like operation research ,Online Examination etc.

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